Dreams Change

Additions & Remodels

As times change so do your needs. To accommodate these changes you may wish to update your surroundings to reflect them. Movie buffs might want a theater while a budding artist needs a studio. You value your interests, and these should be realized in your home.

The one thing you can count on in life is change. Children grow up, hobbies become passions, and careers progress. As your life changes, your home may no longer reflect your tastes and interests. We can change a bedroom no longer in use to an art studio or add a new home theater or library to allow for changes in lifestyle.

Some owners outgrow the size or style of a weekend or seasonal home. Cole Davis Construction is prepared to make any desired alterations to a home, from a renovated bathroom to a whole new floor plan. We use the same culture, experience, craftsmanship and process that have been the hallmark of Cole Davis Construction for over 25 years to bring about the desired changes to your home.