Living The Dream

Architect & Builder

The architect provides the aesthetic intent and the builder provides the cost, schedule and quality implications of implementing that intent. The architect is tasked with working directly with the client to make sure that the floor plans tie in with the interior and aesthetics of the building are clearly represented in the blueprints. The blueprints then become the official language of the project, allowing the owner, the architect, the contractor, subcontractors and suppliers to talk.

The contractor’s job is to actually build the project. He looks at the blueprints and makes sure that it’s buildable, then provides pricing and scheduling information and assembles the team of employees, subcontractors and suppliers that will actually create the product. If the architect is the composer of the music, the builder is the conductor of the orchestra and the musicians are the suppliers.

Here are the few of the Composers (Architects) we have worked with:


  • John Jensen
  • Trevino Architect
  • Teta Architecture Inc
  • Scott Grunst
  • EOS Architecture Inc
  • Reyes Studios
  • B & W Maxwell Wuthrich
  • Dena Gillespie Custom Residential Design
  • Jeff Villa and Associates
  • Scott A. Spencer and Associates
  • Caitlin Kelley Architect
  • Darnell and Scrivner Architect and Planning
  • Steve Murko Designs
  • Design Barbarian Architects/Daniel Eastbum

Landscape Architects:

  • Ahles Landscape Architecture
  • Steve Murcko & Assoc.
  • Jim Benedetti
  • Nick Martin Landscape Architect, Inc.
  • Steve Liebling Landscape Architect
  • Designs by Wil Lasaldi
  • Monica J. Mroiz, Asla Landscape Architect
  • Dan Kravitz Landscape Architect