Peace of Mind


Over the last twenty five years, our customers and architects have frequently told us that they like the way we work. When we asked them what they meant this is what they told us.

Cole Davis Construction means reliability you can count on and a proven track record for high quality and timely building. Our customers and architects appreciate full communication with all parties and relentless attention to detail that leads to a successful project and a successful construction process.


Our word is our bond and we will not break it. As a seasoned builder of custom homes every assignment must satisfy a simple test. Does it have the integrity to correctly represent the architect and does it, in the end, deliver above and beyond the client’s expectations? We challenge our work every day and proceed with a sense of pride in all that we produce. We care, we’re committed and we understand that success is a partnership dynamic.


We take great care throughout the process of building your home. We especially focus on the internal framing, electrical wiring, plumbing and heating/cooling systems so that you will not notice them and of course, it goes without saying that the finish details (those things that you especially count on) are orchestrated with a keen eye to quality and detail.